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Changing the Way We Work in a Post-Covid World

March 2020—when everything changed. You don’t need a play-by-play. You lived it. You can probably remember the shock, the uncertainty, the adjustments, the frantic search for toilet paper, of all things. You remember redecorating your house to create a usable office space and a classroom. You remember organizing your day so that you could do your work and help your children with theirs. You remember the endless days at home. The initial, “Okay, we’ve got this!” feeling soon drifted into, “How long are we really gonna do this?” But you did it. Two weeks turned into a year...or so. And you did it. You made it work! As the world begins to run back to “normal” you aren’t sure if you’re ready for it. You’re not sure you’re ready for what normal used to look like. The good news is, we probably aren’t making a U-turn. We’re pivoting to in-person meetings, and returning to physical office spaces that don’t resemble the dining room table. However, many businesses are adopting a unique hybrid work environment that allows you the best of both worlds. In fact, our post-covid corporate world will continue to evolve as we merge pre-pandemic schedules with pandemic efficiency. While the majority of companies worked from home, we learned a lot about the importance of the tech world and how to utilize it to our benefit. Now that life is changing once again, there are many strategies, systems, and solutions that are sure to follow us into this new era—and your business will be better for it.

Find a Solution for Effective Collaboration

Whether every member of your team is back in the office, you continue to work together yet remote, or some combination of the two, your company will thrive only if you have a solution for work collaboration. It’s best to find a platform that will allow teams to connect and collaborate in one location. Utilize this platform to give live updates, task assignments, record progress, and align every team with common goals. A single source that keeps everyone on the same page while generating connections is the most efficient and effective way for your company to thrive.

Utilize Automated Systems

If you want to enhance productivity and operational efficiency, you’ll need to take repetitive tasks off your employees. One of the best ways to do this is to utilize AI. Installing new technology systems will give you strategic insights like project risk prediction, task prioritization, and streamlining operations suggestions. When certain tasks are proven predictable and, therefore, set on auto-pilot, your employees are free to focus on meaningful projects.

Integrate Workflows

As you move into a new phase of technology dependence, you’ll need a strategy that works for your company, your mission, and your employees. Everyone needs to be on board as you shuffle projects, communication tactics, forms of accountability, and reporting standards to a new digital workspace. A strategy that integrates and consolidates workflows removes frustration, skepticism as a result of lost information, and incomplete reporting that comes when multiple people or teams are working from different platforms, with different standards.

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