Our programs:
  • Provide a common language for understanding personality and communication differences between individuals
  • Improve relationships and decrease conflict
  • Promote cooperation and collaboration throughout the organization
  • Minimize misunderstandings that negatively impact teamwork
  • Managing Conflict in the Workplace
  • Coaching for Success
  • Improving Communication Through DiSC

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

All levels of the organization

Conflict is a normal part of the work environment. When mishandled, it can impact individual and team performance, lower morale, and even escalate to workplace violence. Managing Conflict in the Workplace is a skill-based program designed to equip participants with the tools necessary to prevent many conflicts before they happen, and appropriately address those that require intervention. This program will enable participants to:


  • Understand the causes and impact of unresolved conflict
  • Understand their communication strengths and weaknesses and the impact their style has on managing conflict
  • Learn tools for preventing conflict on a team
  • Learn skills for constructive dialogue
  • Learn how to conduct conflict discussions with another person as well as mediate a conflict between two people

Recommended Group Size
12 – 25 participants

Coaching for Success

Supervisors and Managers

Coaching and developing employees is a key component of organizational success. For coaching to be successful, leaders must develop a relationship of trust, understand the unique needs of the employee, and communicate in ways that will ensure buy-in and commitment.

Coaching for Success combines provides specific tools for developing, directing, motivating, and delegating to individual contributors. Leaders learn how their own management style impacts the effectiveness of the coaching process while adapting their communication approach to be more effective.

Recommended Group Size
12 – 25 participants

Time Commitment:
8 hours


Improving Communication Through DiSC

All levels of the organization

The DiSC is a proven model of communication designed to increase interpersonal effectiveness, reduce conflict, and enhance relationships. Through this highly interactive session, individuals will develop specific skills for adapting their behavior and communication to increase effectiveness in a variety of workplace situations. Improving Communication Through DISC is an excellent workshop for new teams, as a team building activity, or for teams who need help in communication.


Recommended Group Size
12 – 25 participants

Time Commitment:
Half or full day





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