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The proper assessment can open the door to individuals, leaders, and teams making significant changes in behavior that impact job performance and satisfaction. Trinity Training and Development is an authorized distributor of Everything DiSC® and the family of assessments. Browse our available assessments below.

To purchase credits or reports, contact Trinity Training and Development today. We’re happy to talk with you more about the Everything DiSC® and the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive TeamTM family of assessments.

Everything DiSC Certified Partner

  • DiSC® Workplace
  • DiSC® Management
  • DiSC® Sales
  • DiSC® Work of Leaders
  • DiSC® 363
DiSC® Workplace – All levels

DiSC® Workplace is designed to help individuals at all levels of the organization understand their unique behavioral style, improve communication, and build more effective relationships throughout the organization. The 20-page Workplace Profile provides real-world tips and practical strategies for improving communication and reducing conflict.

DiSC® Management – Supervisor, Manager

DiSC® Management is designed to help supervisors, managers, and directors more effectively motivate, develop, and delegate to the people they manage. In addition, they develop insight into how to better work with their own manager to gain buy-in and support. The profile provides specific tools for managers wanting to better manage the performance and engagement of their employees and teams.

DiSC® Sales – Those in Sales and Sales Managers

DiSC® Sales is sales-specific assessment that addresses the interpersonal aspect of the sales relationship, including tips, strategies, and action plans for understanding their customer buying styles and adapting their style to meet the customer's needs.

DiSC® Work of Leaders – Mid-level managers and above

DiSC® Work of Leaders uses the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution to encourage leaders to understand their own leadership behaviors and how those behaviors impact their effectiveness. It's an opportunity for leaders at all levels of learning to reflect on how they approach each step of their work and encourages reflection and discussion about the team and the organization.

DiSC® 363 – Leaders – all levels

Blending the power of a 360 assessment with the power of DiSC®, DiSC® 363 provides leaders with focused, balanced, constructive feedback through the exclusive selectable comments feature, CommentSmart. This time-saving option allows raters to exp and on their ratings by choosing from a list of highly-tested comments that provide actionable changes that are based on performance improvement rather than personal opinion. DiSC® 363 provides leaders with three key actions they can focus on immediately to improve their leadership effectiveness.





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