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Trinity Training & Development serves a diverse range of clients. Our commitment to aligning training to each client’s unique needs has earned us repeat business in a number of industries: construction, chemical manufacturing, energy, food production and delivery, freight and logistics, government, hospitality, K-12 and higher education, manufacturing, medical services; transportation, non-profits, and oil/gas services and production.


  Design Around Your Needs

Our goal when working with our clients is to build a relationship based on trust, active listening,and a clear understanding of needs. We know that each company has unique outcomes they want to achieve, so we take the time to understand those outcomes before customizing a solution. Through a thorough needs-analysis, we ask the right questions to identify outcomesand deliverables,and then provide a variety of options to best meet the needs of each group.


  Improve Performance

That was our focus when we started Trinity Training and Development in 2003. We wanted to develop training tools that had a real and immediate impact on an organization’s culture and environment. Our goal was to improve employee engagement and performance by equipping supervisors and managers with communication and coaching activities that strengthened the relationship, clarified expectations, and supported growth and success


  Sustainable Learning

In traditional training, only 1 in 5 participants take and use what they learn in the classroom. We use technology and structured activities completed during and after training to increase the likelihood that behaviors will be practiced back on the job.
We design many of our programs with the Promote cloud-based platform to increase collaboration and dialogue between participants and drive behavior practice between sessions.


  Practical Tools & Processes

In creating programs for Trinity, we purposely avoid a traditional content-driven approach to training. No one likes those, and rarely do people make lasting changes in that type of learning environment. We favor activity-driven training processes and tools that focused on active application of concepts and skills before, during, and after the training. The success of that model has led to Trinity’s programs being delivered in the US, Canada, Great Britain, Latin America, Norway, and Russia.



Companies We Work With

TTD serves a diverse range of clients. Our commitment to aligning training to each client’s unique needs has earned us repeat business in a number of industries: Construction, chemical manufacturing; energy; food production and delivery; freight and logistics; government; hospitality; K-12 and higher education; manufacturing, medical services; transportation, non-profit; and oil/gas services and production.

  • TTD’s positive attitude and professional style in training enlightened each of us in our understanding different communication and behavioral styles. The feedback, interaction, and focus by all participants were phenomenal.

    --- Dale Brunswick, Comptroller, Borden Dairy
  • Front Line Leadership Program is one of the most effective programs I have been privileged to facilitate for The Learning Edge’s clients. The logical process where one module builds on another, the presentation of the materials, and interactive activities culminate in a program that consistently receives excellent ratings. Collaborating with Robert Winter to customize solutions has been a real pleasure!

    --- Denise McIntyre, The Learning Edge
  • As we’ve traveled the journey of growth and plant start up, the timing and content of this training was something that the team here needed, in order to give us another boost in effectiveness. I am already seeing a reduction in the tension and stress level in our production office and between the managers. I plan to bring up topics periodically for discussion as reminders, so we can keep this alive.

    --- Matt Mowery, Plant Manager
  • Front Line Leadership training has been instrumental in transforming our staff of more than 125 managers and potential managers into leaders. We have a diverse staff in terms of backgrounds, educational levels, experience, and skills. The Front Line program contained tools and content that not only addressed those differences, but also provided clear and practical leadership tools that could be immediately applied. The training has given my staff confidence to deal with the challenges they face every day.

    --- Marshall Schroeder, Director

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We utilize seasoned trainers who have demonstrated expertise in the topic, are engaging and participant-focused, and maintain the highest level of respect and trust with clients and participants. Learn more about Trinity Training & Development

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