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4 Ways to Effectively Network During Quarantine

Too many days have passed since you met a new person, let alone spent time with someone who lives outside your home. Is anyone keeping track anymore? Perhaps you’re getting restless. At first, this whole “work from home” situation seemed like a fun challenge or even a nice reprieve. But it probably didn’t take long before you wanted “normal” to return. You’re ready to meet a potential client in person. You want to share a drink or a meal with the person who could help you land the promotion. But with social distancing still enforced in so many places, organically networking feels impossible. Rather than disengaging during this time, we want to help you find new ways to successfully network.

     1. Put in the Effort

If you’ve allowed the circumstance to dictate your focus on networking, today’s a new day. Yes, it’s different and in some ways more difficult to connect with key players in your industry, potential clients, or co-workers, but that doesn’t give you an out. You have the unique opportunity to show up in creative yet personal ways. Use this time to stand out for a promotion by reaching out to other departments. Make the effort to help your co-workers succeed. Reach out to vendors, suppliers, or customers. Use this time to collaborate and encourage key players in your business. When you put in the effort, even from a distance, you will go a long way to make lasting connections.

     2. Embrace Community

Community is arguably more important than ever before--especially during a time in our lives when social distancing guidelines threaten true connection. Use this season to engage your community through video conferencing, email newsletters, and personalized messages that foster a healthy work-relationship or generate a future sale. Establishing a unique sense of community within your company will keep your team motivated and encouraged. In the same vein, you can turn potential clients into loyal customers through a consistent connection that invites them into your community.

     3. Be Active Online

You’ll find that many are hungry for connection and conversation, but rather than meeting for a meal or a cup of coffee, people are turning to social media platforms and online forums. Your virtual absence will cost you in the long run. So, use your quarantine wisely and strengthen your online presence. Jump in the conversations found on specific online forums. Your participation in these ongoing discussions will help you meet potential clients and future employees. Search for a niche that makes sense for you and your company and start chatting. You can also build your brand and customer engagement by providing consistent, helpful, and encouraging social media posts. Your online activity is your best ally during these uncertain times.

     4. Emphasize Reconnection

If you’re feeling discouraged about the ability to meet new people, then it’s time to emphasize reconnection. Use various social media platforms to re-establish a connection with people from your past. Check back in with old clients, dormant contacts, former colleagues or classmates. Think about the people you have a relationship with, but haven’t spoken to in a while. Use the shared experience of a global pandemic to check-in. Come from a place of authenticity and watch that relationship grow. Sometimes it’s easier to reconnect with someone you already know, rather than building a relationship from scratch.

During this time, it’s easy to see only the factors that inhibit your ability to reach your networking goals. But don’t wait until social distancing is over to make a connection. When you stay focused, you may find that quarantine isn’t as limiting as it sounds. Our team at Trinity Training & Development is dedicated to providing you with practical tools and processes that propel your company towards success. Find out more about our unique training programs that are specifically designed to meet your company’s needs. Contact us today to learn more.








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