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Establish Agile EQ using DiSC

We all want to be seen and known. It helps us believe that we’re valued. Someone took the time to understand us, to learn more about how we are and what makes us tick. The reverse is also true. You show that you care about someone, even at the most basic level, when you know about more than just their hair color. The DiSC test is one of the most popular and effective personality assessments that helps individuals establish emotional intelligence, uncover their strengths, and learn how to recognize their potential. When you share this information with coworkers and managers, your entire team discovers how to utilize one another better and interact with emotional intelligence. Trinity Training and Development is an authorized partner of Everything DiSC. Through this assessment and the training that accompanies it, you can expect to see increases in both job performance and employee satisfaction. 

About DiSC

The assessment asks you to respond to behavioral statements and gives you precise insights into your DiSC Style. The profile you receive after completing the assessment tells you where you fall on the DiSC scale:

  • D: Dominance
  • I: Influence
  • S: Steadiness
  • C: Consciousness

Your style will fall uniquely along the spectrum between two styles and reveals your workplace priorities, motivations, stressors, and strategies to increase your effectiveness within your style. As a team leader or manager, you’ll learn how to utilize your coworkers as you understand how to motivate them, challenge them, or place them in specific roles within the team.

Group Facilitation

The 26-page profile gives you incredible insight into your emotional inclinations and social responses, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. DiSC Agile EQ (emotional intelligence) Facilitation provides a customizable classroom-style experience to lead teams into a deeper understanding of their profile and that of their coworkers. Coworkers learn how to engage in healthy conflict and productive collaboration, explore their similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses, and improve their professional relationships. Follow-up tools also include a group culture report that analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of your group dynamics as well as your team’s ability to take risks and make decisions.

If you’re ready to impact the culture of your business, improve job performance, and increase employee satisfaction, contact Trinity Training and Development today. We’ll help you discover which DiSC assessment is right for you.








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