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How Do We Work with Generation Y?

Management styles of yore still lurk in the hallways of business big and small all around the world today. However, with Generation Y beginning to take a larger stake in those same businesses, it may be time for managers to take a look at those traditions and see how to make them work with Generation Y employees.
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Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Emotional Intelligence, often referenced as EQ, is a key component to effective leadership in businesses and organizational growth. Emotional Intelligence is, in simplest terms, described as possessing the knowledge of what is being felt, what emotions mean, and how those emotions can impact others. But great leaders know that EQ is more than that because they understand how emotions drive behavior and apply that knowledge to motivate those around them.
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Robert Winter to Speak at MindLab Conference

Robert Winter will be speaking at the MindLab conference on April 24th in Denver, Colorado. His session will focus on productive conflict, an assessment offered by Wiley/Everything DiSC. He will also discuss his FrontLine Leadership Development Program and how its implementation can help transform your organization's managers into strong leaders. This program has successfully equipped leaders in a wide variety of industries.
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5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

The success of every business begins with teamwork. Teams that are driven and work well together to accomplish goals create a successful environment for a business to grow and flourish. The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team provides teams with the basis for a healthy and successful business environment.
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DiSC and Communication in the Workplace

DiSC assessments have been around since 1972 and have been updated and adapted to modern workplace environments to help managers learn more effective communication techniques and how to build better interpersonal relationships with team members while having the tools to effectively navigate conflicts, set goals, and establish an atmosphere of successful communication.
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Montgomery County Hospital District

The Montgomery County (Texas) Hospital District (MCHD) provides health care for needy residents north of Houston, Texas. Known throughout the nation as an innovative and forward-thinking organization, MCHD’s emergency medical services team provides emergency and non-emergency ambulance transport for the citizens of and visitors to Montgomery County.
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Marek Brothers Construction

The Client.  Marek Brothers Construction pioneered the use of drywall in residential construction markets during the 1930s. The company quickly rose to the top of the commercial drywall market, serving schools, businesses, institutions, retail, and high-end residential customers. Marek’s philosophy of “Work hard, treat your people fairly, and never lose sight of the customer as the source of all good things,” is as important today as it was in 1938. The company’s focus on quality, safet...
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Conroe Independent School District

Case Study: Leadership Training for Supervisors

The Client. The Conroe Independent School District, located north of Houston, Texas, operates 55 campuses across 348 square miles, with facilities for more than 51,000 students. In order to address professional development needs within the district’s custodial staff, the administration retained TTD to conduct its Leadership Training ...

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Borden Dairy

Case Study: Enhancing Teamwork

The Client. Borden Dairy is one of the most well-known providers of milk and milk products in the United States. Borden provides a wide range of milk, cheese, and dairy products to consumers throughout the US.  Borden is known for its quality products and familiar trademark, Elsie the Cow.

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Aldine Independent School District

Aldine ISD ranks among the highest performing school districts in the state of Texas, with a student enrollment of over 62,000 students in 72 schools. The district has earned seven special recognition ratings since 1996 and was the winner of the coveted Broad Prize for Urban Education in 2009. Aldine is ranked as the second-best large school district in Texas for educating African-American students and is ranked third in quality among large Texas school educating Latino students, according to re...
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