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The Pandemic changed the way business is done. In some ways, for the better. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the need to work from home, business leaders began thinking about communication more creatively. Employees around the globe adapted to a new work environment that allowed them to connect with their teams without leaving their dining room. Video conferencing helped us feel together while we were apart. It was a necessary change that has opened doors for people to hire the best men and women for the job, despite their location. However, the allure of video conferencing lost some of its luster over time. We began to realize that meeting together online isn’t quite the same as meeting together in the same room. While working remotely and meeting via Zoom will not go away, leaders must continue fighting to establish in-person relationships with their employees. Today, we’ll outline three reasons why organizations need to continue meeting in-person.

1. In-person meetings produce a positive psychological effect on employees.

Developing personal, lasting relationships requires the use of all five senses. There is power behind a handshake, looking someone in the eye, and making a connection. In-person meetings help you foster a sense of camaraderie with pre-meeting banter and conversation. Without the lag of video conferencing, the personal decision to turn off your camera, or the distraction of someone’s background, people can focus more intently and feel the freedom to collaborate and innovate. Being in the presence of your colleagues enhances empathy and promotes a sense of safety that enhances employee engagement. Additionally, research has proven that requests made in-person are 34 times more effective than those made via email. Meeting in-person has extreme benefits that cannot be replicated through video conferencing.

2. Showing up in-person demonstrates the value you place on the business relationship.

We’ve learned since our little-league days that someone who shows up for a game places a high value on your relationship, be it a parent, grandparent, or friend. The same is true in your business relationships. Showing up in-person tells your colleague that their presentation matters. It’s evidence to a potential client that you’re committed. It shows a future business partner that you’re invested. You demonstrate priority and therefore, value when you take the time and effort to travel to someone, rather than hopping on a Zoom call. Whether you’re traveling overseas or cross-country to close a business deal or walking down the hall to speak to a coworker, your physical presence speaks volumes about the importance of the relationship.

3. Sustaining in-person connections leads to both personal and organizational growth.

You can watch cooking shows or even how-to videos online, but you will still lack the skills that can only be developed through culinary classes—someone to show you how to knead bread, frost a cake, or get a perfect sear on a steak. Working together in the same room remains the best way to hone your leadership skills, your communication styles, and practice conflict resolution. It’s the most effective way to collaborate, start new projects, meet new potential business partners, strengthen current relationships, and push the status quo. Connecting in-person cannot be substituted for quick, online meetings. To develop your personal skills and experience growth and innovation in your organization, prioritize in-person connections.

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