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Three Communication Principles that Matter

Have you ever discounted someone by their communication style? We analyze tone, decipher honesty, and interpret motives when we hear others communicate, especially those in authority. Whether it’s a news reporter, social media influencer, parent, or manager, we quickly decide who is trustworthy, who is authentic, and who is relevant in just a few minutes. If you want to build a team of men and women who trust your leadership, it may be time to adjust your communication tactics. By adopting three simple principles and applying them to both your advertising and internal communication, you’ll see your team support you and your clients champion you.

1. Be Authentic

Many people have a radar for “fake.” They will quickly discredit and disrespect those they believe disingenuous. As a leader, your authenticity means more to your employees than you may realize. Be honest with your team and don’t be afraid to show emotion. When you are real with the information you deliver and in the manner you deliver it, you build trust and reliability. Let your brand feel tangible and relatable. There is one positive to COVID-19, it put us all on a level playing field. Everyone struggled with the balance of working from home while taking care of our families. Everyone was subject to sickness, mask mandates, and social distancing. Everyone’s plans changed and their holidays looked different. It’s okay to be honest about how this pandemic has affected you and the company. Then, you can point your team and your clients in a new direction. Honestly share the steps you’re taking to move forward and be open to receiving feedback. You might be surprised by the response rather than acting as though you’re above it all. Relatability breeds compassion and support. And your business can’t thrive without it.

2. Be Transparent

Things are always shifting. So, why not openly share some of the issues your company faces with those who care most about the success of the company? Even if the news isn’t ideal, acknowledge the imperfections, and create space for your team to speak into them. You’ll establish deeper connections with your employees and your customers when you are transparent about where you are and where you’re headed. You can also settle any fears or uncertainties your employees face when you are willing to level with them. Your transparency fosters stability which improves employee satisfaction, collaboration, and efficiency. 

3. Be Inclusive

Take a hard look at the diversity in your team, advertising, and writing. Is your terminology correct and respectful? Do you consider different voices and acknowledge a wide range of cultures and backgrounds? Does your work calendar recognize cultural or religious holidays? As a leader, you cannot play a role in passive or active racism. Make adjustments if necessary and hold your company to a higher standard that celebrates diversity and inclusion. Before you communicate with your team or your clients, or your consumers, evaluate your message (including images and videos) until the inclusion of all people is second nature.

At Trinity Training and Development, we believe effective communication positively impacts the entire organization. We’ve created three communication programs that empower your company’s leaders to help reduce conflict and promote collaboration. To learn more, contact us today.








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