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The Value of DiSC Workplace Training

Have you asked yourself the following questions:

  • Am I utilizing my employees correctly?
  • Are they in the best position to accomplish the goals of the business?
  • Does my staff have healthy communication?
  • Do we handle conflict appropriately and effectively?

If you’ve contemplated these questions, we believe that taking your team through DiSC Workplace training will give you the answers you need to improve relationships, communication, and job satisfaction in your company.

What is DiSC Workplace?

DiSC is a personality assessment designed to help people understand their unique behavioral styles. After taking the assessment, each participant is given a thorough result that reveals their strengths, weaknesses, motivators, and stressors. The assessment places you on the DiSC spectrum that best describes your behavioral style. DiSC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Consciousness. As you make your way through the assessment profile, your team will learn their workplace priorities as well as their interpersonal strengths and weaknesses. The profile alone will provide insights into communication styles and pressure points on your team. While having this information is helpful, it’s just the beginning of a positive shift in your company’s culture.

Using DiSC to Improve Workplace Relationships

Your team is encouraged to take their 20-page profile and implement the tips and strategies that will improve communication and reduce conflict. The profile also includes a DiSC Workplace Facilitation Kit that helps the assessment and strategies come alive. Your team will walk away from a dynamic audio/visual experience that will not only educate but inspire lasting change. When your team members understand themselves and their colleagues better, the workplace environment becomes more positive and more productive.

Continuous Learning Breeds Continuous Unity

The follow-up tools included with DiSC Workplace promote continuous education on your teammate’s strengths and weaknesses. Comparison Reports allow for quick, at-a-glance comparison maps that foster collaboration and conflict management between colleagues. Employees will receive helpful, real-life strategies to improve communication and explore potential challenges when working together. You can take your team to the next level by determining your team’s DiSC Culture. Find out the current climate of your workplace, how it impacts your team, and influences decision-making and risk-taking. Then, work to make improvements and build a better workplace.

If you have questions about DiSC Workplace, contact Trinity Training and Development today. We are an authorized partner with Everything DiSC and believe this information has the power to transform your company. 








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